Enhancing Digital Presence & Customer Retention for a Leading Organic Skincare Brand

Background: A renowned skincare brand with a focus on organic products had garnered a significant online following. However, they faced challenges with customer retention, and their website was not optimized for today’s digital landscape.


  1. The brand needed strategies to more effectively engage their existing customer base and prompt repeat purchases.
  2. The website was outdated, not user-centric, and lacked proper SEO implementation, leading to decreased online visibility.

Solution: Email Retention Marketing: Our team crafted a tailored email retention strategy. Key implementations included:

  • Creative Design: Developed email templates that mirrored the brand’s unique organic appeal.
  • Campaigns: Initiated campaigns spotlighting new products and exclusive discounts.
  • Email Flow & Segmentation: Established automated email flows targeting cart abandoners and segmented the customer list based on purchasing behaviors.
  • List Cleaning: Ensured the email list was consistently refined to maintain high deliverability.
  • Reporting: Delivered monthly feedback on email campaign performance, pinpointing areas for refinement.

Tools Utilized: Klaviyo

Website Overhaul:

  • UX Design: Introduced a design focused on user experience, ensuring effortless navigation and a streamlined shopping journey.
  • Development: Constructed a mobile-responsive website optimized for various devices.
  • SEO Optimization: Enhanced site content for better search engine visibility.


  1. The skincare brand observed a 30% growth in repeat customer purchases within the first quarter post-email marketing intervention.
  2. Their revamped website attracted a 45% surge in organic traffic and contributed to a 20% sales uplift.